Markets, Laundry and ATM Machines

There are several places to shop for groceries nearby. We suggest a stop at Sam’s Club on your way to Casa Buena Suerte from the airport. Located in Playa Del Carmen, Sam’s has the best selection of Wine and Alcoholic Beverages and of-course whatever snacks and items you like to have on hand. It’s an easy stop to make and if you’re taking a van service from the airport the driver will stop there for you.


Our newest large supermarket is Chedraui in Tulum. You will find a large selection of dairy products, meats, bakery and the usual supermarket items plus, beer and alcohol, an in-house drug store and lots of items for the home as well as pool toys and some clothing – T-shirts, sunscreen and summery items. You may use your credit card, US dollars or pesos.

Local Markets

There are several open markets along the main road in Tulum where you can purchase produce, light groceries ands small items any time. Pesos are the best way to pay.

Farmers Market

There is a Farmers market in Akumal open Wednesday and Saturday from 9AM – 11AM.

7-11 and Oxxo

There is a 7-11 right on the main highway at the main intersection in Tulum and a couple of Oxxo Stores as well. Oxxo is Mexico’s version of 7-11 and they are open 24 hours.

ATM Machines

There are several ATM machines in the area. There are 4 or 5 machines in Chedraui as well as machines at Scotiabank, Bancomer and HSBC in Tulum. The banks do not like to exchange dollars for pesos so we advise that you use the ATM machines. You will get the best available rate using the ATM machines.

Restaurants and stores that accept dollars will give you a lower exchange rate for US currency.


Our house manager will be happy to take your (group) laundry to Tulum for laundering one day during your stay. We ask that you put together the items that you want to have laundered so that Hugo can take them in on Wednesday morning. He can usually have them back for you the same afternoon.