Bird watching

Soliman Bay is rich with bird life too! Across from Casa Buena Suerte is
a wildlife sanctuary that is home to exotic birds from around the
globe. The Yucatan is a corridor for birds migrating from north to south
so be patient and you will see Herons, Egrets, Cormorants, Ibis,
Woodpeckers and if your lucky you may see a Roseate Spoonbill or even a
Toucan…or just lie on the beach and watch the pelicans plunge into the
water to catch their lunch.

The beach

Come and enjoy our beautiful beach. Our caretakers rake the sand each morning so you have a fresh smooth surface to walk on.

There are plenty of lounge chairs here for you to relish the sun and kayaks to discover the reef. The beach at Soliman Bay is a very special sliver of undisturbed natural beauty.


We have 3 Kayaks for you to use while staying at the villa.
You will find paddles and life jackets in the bodega located outside under the pergola. Take your kayak down to the sea and enjoy, but please do not get out of the kayak to snorkel unless you are a strong swimmer.

If you want to tie up to the dingy, secure the kayak and the paddles; be sure to wear your life vest and follow the safety rules. Have a great time and when you return, bring your kayak back to the shore and place
it back on the beach near the lounge chairs.

Please ask a staff member if you need assistance. They are happy to help!


Snorkeling in Soliman Bay is a great experience. Stay within the calm water of the bay and explore the reef.

You will find lots of sea life and maybe a ray or sea turtle! The water can range in depth but it is mostly around 3-5 feet. There are areas that go down to 10ft+ so please be careful. Be mindful and do not walk on the reef or rub up against it as it is a living reef and can easily be harmed.

We have some snorkel gear but we recommend that you bring your own gear for the best fit and function. There are snorkel vests, life jackets land water shoes located in the bodega under the pergola.

Caribbean Sun

Please be mindful of the sun. We want you to enjoy your stay at CBS so please wear environmentally- friendly sunscreen. You may not realize that you are getting burned until it’s too late.

Many people wear wetsuits but a T-shirt or long sleeve shirt will work in the water too.

Safety Tips

There is no lifeguard at Soliman Bay so remember you are entering the water at your own risk and we urge you to be safe. We provide lifejackets and snorkel jackets for you to wear at all times. Please do not swim, snorkel or kayak alone. The water can seem calm and tranquil but the sea can be a dangerous place. Stay away from the break in the reef that opens to the sea. The water within the break is calm but as you near the break the waves and white water is more turbulent and there can be a dangerous undercurrent. Please do not go near the waves and please stay away from the center of the bay where the reef breaks into the sea. If you are not a strong swimmer, stay near the shore.

Please read the Safety Advisory posted throughout the villa.