Daytrips and Excursions

There is much to do in our area and here are some of the best places to visit.

There are many tour operators in the area who are available to take small groups to tour the various ruins and sites throughout the Yucatan. Unfortunately we are not able to book these tours for you.

We suggest that you do some research before booking. There are several websites such as Trip Advisor that rate the various tours. Our personal preference for diving and water adventures is Riviera-Adventours. Virginia, the owner grew up in Tulum and her father, Lalo discovered many of the cenotes. She is an expert diver and a delightful person.

Visiting any of the Mayan Ruins can be done easily with a van service that can accommodate a small group. Once you arrive at the site you are best served by hiring one of the tour guides at the location.


Cenotes are found throughout the Riviera Maya and they are fabulous to explore. The cenotes of the Yucatan are pools of freshwater that meander through beautiful underground rivers lined with stalagmites and stalactites. Take a magical journey through one of the cenotes near Casa Buena Suerte. Sac Atun, Grand Cenote and Dos Ojos are all nearby and may be visited on your own or with a tour guide. We suggest an experienced tour guide to maximize your experience.


The Tulum Ruins are just minutes away and are the only ruins located on the sea. At night the ruins are celebrated with lighting that enhances the structures and adds a mystery to the ancient site.

Chichen Itza

Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza is a virtual museum of the Mayan Civilization. The perfectly restored pyramid is one of the most visited sites in all the world.

There are many structures on the site including the Great Ball Court, the Temple of Warriors and the Group of a Thousand Columns. It is advised that you go early and plan for an entire day if or an overnight stay as it is a 3-hour drive and it can be crowded.

Swim with sea turtles

Take a drive to Akumal and head toward Lol Ha restaurant and beach bar. Right there at the beach you can rent snorkel gear or bring your own and swim in the beautiful bay with the gorgeous sea turtles that Akumal is named for. There are sea turtles throughout the Riviera Maya and you may see them in Soliman Bay too but here’s where they can be found in abundance and it’s a sacred site as it is the heart of their nesting ground.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere

Thousands of years ago the original Maya inhabitants appreciated the exceptional natural beauty of this stretch of coastline, naming it Sian Ka´an, or “Origin of the Sky”. There is a huge variety of flora and fauna here as well as amazing birds, monkeys, crocodiles and other wildlife. Many visitors come here for fly-fishing and bone-fishing. If you want to fish in the reserve, please arrange your visit ahead of time.

The Sian Ka’an Reserve is a Unesco World Heritage Site and it is heavily regulated. The reserve is about 45 minutes from our villa.


Visit the inland jungle and mangrove forests and float effortlessly down a magical natural canal. Just 20 minutes outside Tulum this tranquil setting is ideal for a lazy day with just a little bit of adventure. You will see ancient Mayan Ruins that have not been restored and float through a quiet forest. You can do this on your own or take a local tour guide.